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t was a difficult call again this week in choosing our And The Valley Shook Offensive Speed Position Player of the Week.  We're choosing Ryan Mallett, who led his Arkansas Razorbacks to a non-conference win over the previously undefeated Texas A&M Aggies with a 4 touchdown, 1 interception performance in which he averaged 10.0 yards per pass attempt in amassing 271 yards passing.  With Arkansas behind 10-0 in the first quarter, Mallett threw touchdown passes on two consecutive Arkansas possessions to take the lead and set up Arkansas for a rout that was aided by a defensive touchdown in the second quarter. 

Mallett led the way among SEC quarterbacks for ATVSQBPI with a 10.7 yard per touch average.  He lost 10 yards on rushes, but more than made up for it with a net 50 yards of bonus from his touchdowns and interceptions.  

Ryan Mallett has, to the surprise of some, been statistically the best quarterback in the conference this season so far, averaging 9.3 yards per attempt and throwing 11 touchdowns to 2 interceptions.  A dud of a game against Alabama two weeks ago has not dampened his production subsequent to that debacle, as this week proved.

Other nominees include Alabama running back Mark Ingram, who had 146 yards of total offense and two touchdowns against Kentucky.  Shay Hodge of Ole Miss had 122 yards receiving on 8 catches, with 2 touchdowns against Vandy.

This is, of course, Mallett's first win of this particular award.