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Random Musings During Florida Week

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I'm having one of those weeks at work again so my activity on the blog has been severely limited.  By the time I get home, I just curl up with a good book (What Hath God Wrought) and go to bed.  But I figured I need to give you guys something or else I'm going to have a cellphone full of angry text messages.  So, quick hits...

ONE.  I did a BlogPoll.  I did an SEC Power Poll.  I posted neither.  I suck.  We'll get back on you guys having impact on my votes next week.  You can go to the site and find my ballot (not to mention the whole poll and Brian Cook's breakdown).

TWO.  If you have a Florida player or coach's cellphone number and you call them this week, you are a jackass.  Stop it.  It was funny the first time, but it's now just creepy and stalkerish.  And it has really, really backfired.  Stop it. 

THREE.  Speaking of jackasses, I'm not going to get on my high horse about Tebow playing or not playing.  By all accounts, Florida takes concussions seriously and if he's cleared to play, he's cleared to play.  Unless you are Tim Tebow or one of his doctors, you know nothing.  So there really shouldn't be a discussion about this.

FOUR.  Upon saying that, I'd rest Tebow because one more week to heal any injury is always good, and this game is, truth be told, not that important.  Both teams will still control their SEC destinies, and probably their national title destinies, regardless of the outcome.  I'm finding it hard to get really pumped for this game.  

FIVE.  Tiger Stadium better be jacked up for this game anyway.  I want Tebow to go into Post Traumatic Stress.  #1 vs. #4 is still #1 vs. #4. 

SIX.  I promise to have a preview and maybe a Les Miles to English transcript of the most recent Lunch with Les.  No promises on that one.