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Remember earlier this week when I said I was finding it hard to get pumped for this game?  Well, less than 36 hours from kickoff and I am no longer finding that be a problem.  From an academic/intellectual standpoint, this game is probably only the fourth most important game on the schedule, behind Bama, Auburn, and Ole Miss.  

But football ain't about academics.

Florida is the #1 team in the country.  They are the biggest, baddest team on the block and last year, they didn't just beat us, they humiliated us.  Florida ran up the score and generally enjoyed kicking LSU while it was down.  And that's fine, I don't ever like complaining about a team running up the score as unsporting or whatever.  You don't want them to score, stop them from scoring.  We didn't do that.  That said, I do believe in payback.  

My mantra this season has been "I don't believe in moral victories, so I do not care about the moral losses."  While a good portion of the LSU fanbase and many talking heads have gone crazy over these moral losses, we've been pretty level headed at ATVS.  Survive and advance.  There's no separate column for "unimpressive win".

Well, Saturday is the flip side of being all level headed and not caring that LSU isn't winning by enough or doesn't look flashy or whatever such nonsense is getting spewed.  Beat Florida.  Don't hold it close.  Don't do a good job.  Win.  This team gut punched us in the face last year, and then delivered several kicks to the rib for good measure.  

There are no moral victories for this program anymore.  Only real victories.  Your mission is simple, Les - beat Florida, the #1 college football team in the nation.  No excuses, guys.  Your time is now.  Seize greatness.