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Link Gumbo-11/17/09

Les Miles Monday Press Conference-11/16/09

Big news from the Lunch: Jefferson, Dickson, and T-Bob are all back at practice and should start. The Arky game is mercifully at 6 p.m. on ESPN the Saturday after Thanksgiving (Dress Warmly). P. J. Lonergan was impressive filling in for T-Bob. And the final member of Les' original LSU coaching staff, RB and ST Coach Larry Porter, has been short listed for the Head Coach spot at his Alma Mater Memphis. Skip ahead to the 12-minute mark to get straight to the coach-speak.

Baseball will end fall practice will a 3 game inter-squad series at The Box starting tomorrow. All games are at 3pm and admission is free for you die-hards.

The soccer team's post season was cut short on saturday with a loss at home in the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA tourney to Texas A&M 4-2 on penalty kicks after a 1-1 draw. As it is unfortunately the last soccer story for the year, it does give me an excuse to post that awesome logo of theirs.


The Men's team held on for a close 56-45 win over Indiana St in a game made close by poor tiger shooting despite Storm Warren getting his second double-double. You can read Jim Kleinpeter of the Times-Pic's excellent game blog, or watch it yourself below. The preseason NIT BR Region ends tonight at 7pm against Western Kentucky, the winner goes to New York.

Men vs Indiana State 2009