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Link Gumbo-11/20/09



As has been mentioned everywhere, Xerxes Wilson at The Daily Reveille did what may be the greatest investigative journalism from The Rev in quite some time. It's almost a boring interview until you get to the "liberal sodomite college" line.

Les Miles Post Practice Interview 11/18/09 (You'd think they could find a better spot to interview coach than the freaking generator room)

Baseball fall practice has ended as the Gold team takes the series with a 5-3 victory again led by offense from Austin Nola.

Bad news for the men's team as Alex Farrer's dislocated knee went from bad to worse during surgery 2 weeks ago. He may not make it back to the floor this season, effectively ending his LSU career. And start times for the NIT Tourney in New York have been set. LSU plays Uconn at 6pm Wed. night on ESPN2.

Hightower has been named to the woman's Naismith Watch list.

#17 Volleyball is playing a doubleheader at home this weekend, with a chance to get their first SEC title since 1991.

And Finally, condolences to UGA fans everywhere on the sudden passing of UGA VII. Tiger fans know all too well the pain of losing a mascot.