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WAC Commish Gives Boyd Half-Game Suspension for Toliver Hit.

One of the big moments from last weeks largely forgettable game against La Tech was an early 3rd Qtr pass play to Terrance Toliver that left him on the turf for quite sometime. I was at the game, and did not get the benefit of a replay. From my vantage point of the southwest corner I assumed Chad Boyd, the La Tech player, got a clean, if strong hit that rang Toliver's bell. LSU thought differently and brought it up with the SEC office on Monday (It was an SEC crew for the game). Now, WAC Commish Karl Benson has suspended Boyd a half game for what is now deemed a flagrant foul and Rodgers Redding, the SEC ref supervisor and a member of the NCAA rules commitee, is contemplating disciplinary action for the line judge who had a clear view of the hit and did not make the call. The La Tech fanbase is in meltdown over this and Dooley is "disappointed in the decision and have voiced my respectful disagreement on the rule interpretation and penalty enforcement to the commissioner," which is probaly coach-speak for a conversation that was anything but respectful if Derek has any of Vince in him.

Take a look for yourself at the play. The helmet-to-helmet contact is clear and should have been called, but calling it "flagrant" is all about judging intent. Some have commented that Boyd draws his hands to his body before contact, thus signifying intent, but i dont see it.

Louisiana Tech DB receiver half-game suspension - ESPN