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New LSU Uni's Will Make You Squeal like a Pig



Oh dear.

It seems to be a new "tradition" that every year Nike picks a few teams besides Oregon to bend over a barrel and dump the latest psychotic musings of their uni design department. This year, LSU is one of those schools. It's pretty much a complete disaster. They don't look anything like some sort of throwbacks because the stripes have always been on the shoulders. And the gold is wrong. VERY wrong. Lets illustrate how wrong.


Yes, we look like Washington now, at least the color is all that they changed about the helmet.



We even get a second stupid Gameday shirt.



The only saving grace is the gloves, which are admittedly very awesome.


These will premier next week for the Arkansas game and hopefully will never be mentioned again. Maybe it would be better to just listen to next weeks game on the radio...