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Link Gumbo-11/23/09

Inside LSU Football for 11/22/09

Fallout from Saturday's loss has been heavy with the blame being laid on nearly everyone. The forums are filled with more "Fire Les" threads than what usually follow a loss. Henry Ball (known 'round here as Southern Man) brings up the Hot Seat question and points to Les' track record as a good reason why not. Varney and the Times-Pic writers say communication errors within the coaching staff cost precious seconds trying to call the final time out and ultimately not having the FG unit ready to go. Laney at the Advoc questions why we did not go conservative with the play calling at the end as we had in a similar situation at UGA earlier this year. The Advoc also pointed out what terrific special teams play we had that night. With the loss LSU dropped to 17th in both polls.

Those horrible uniforms will be officially unveiled today after the press conference at 1:30pm. (Dont bother clicking that, it's mostly a Nike Press Release which contains the three worst words in all of sport: "System of Dress")  Richard Murphy, Charles Scott, Booger McFarland and Eddie Kennison will be there to show them off. It will be on a stage outside the PMAC and open to the public. I encourage you to bring tomatoes, just don't aim for the guys on IR.

Elsewhere in LSU Sports this weekend #17 Volleyball swept Moo U and Bama to claim the SEC west crown and a share of the league title. They will likely host a few opening rounds of the NCAA tournament in a few weeks.

The Lady Tigers had double digit wins over Houston and Nicholls as Hightower passed 1,000 career points.

Remember that today's press conference can be heard live in the BR area on 107.3fm at noon. Below is the full game replay for you masochists out there.