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Let's Move On

I happened to notice, in Poseur's column, that the clock management during the last thirty seconds was "unforgivable".

Bad?  Yes, it was bad.  Inexcusable?  I'd say it was.  Unforgivable? Absolutely not.

This is sports.  It's not as important as your life.  Harboring a resentment towards what happened Saturday night will only make you miserable, and it won't change a damn thing.  The score in the record books will always be 25-23.

If you are not satisfied with the coaching staff, you can express your feelings by contacting the LSU Athletic Department via letter.

Earlier, I posted that "Les has lost me" while drunk.  That may be true, but he can win me back by beating Arkansas.  In every adversity, there is something to be learned.  My hope is that Les Miles, the team and the staff, take what happened as a learning experience.  If the Tigers resume winning, and if something like that NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN, I'll be satisfied.

We may not be in control of a Cap One berth, but we can still reach ten wins and we can still set up a good future for our team.  The effects of Spikegate will only be as bad as we let them be.

So pick yourselves up, shake off the hangover, put on your favorite LSU hat and shout "GEAUX TIGERS"

Now let's beat Arkansas.