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Meet Your New Fearless Leader



It was a complete surprise when Richard contacted me about taking over the day-to day operation of ATVS. Pittman's work here and at GeauxTuscaloosa has been great to read and the inspiration for my own work. I certainly dont have his editorial chops, but I'm a bit of a stats geek and pretty good about finding and sharing the news worth reading around LSU. So here's a few words about myself and what I'm bringing to the site.

I am a lifelong LSU fan. I'm told my first game was the earthquake game, but i was too young to remember any of it. My family and I would usually get to 1 or 2 games a year and spend Saturdays in front of the TV to catch the rest. I was strictly a football and baseball fan until my time as an LSU student about 7 years ago (it's amazing what free entry will do for getting you interested in other sports.) Then I got really into hanging around various LSU forums and making friends on the 'net that are now good tailgating buddies. Nowadays I'm on campus early on Saturday mornings, trying to find a ticket or having a good time with my friends. You can find me tailgating with my friends in Team KATT, on the Parade Grounds right outside the front steps of the union. Look for the fool in the tiger pants.




The Geaux Show has been around in various states of amateurism since fall '05, which if you remember was not exactly the best time to be starting anything in Louisiana. I have always been a geek, and while at LSU and had really caught on to the whole podcasting thing. I had some skill with web development and was handy with software mixers and I knew some folks who wrote for the LSU student paper who wanted to voice their thoughts about lsu sports. So the show was born. After a year, the first hosts decided that they need to concentrate more on school (one of them ended up a lead sports editor at The Reveille) so i had some friends from the forums I frequent try it out and we've been doing the show ever since.

The show is bi-weekly during football season and monthly otherwise except for the second half of the baseball season. One of the things we like to do is live shows from the tailgate in the morning of home games. In the past this sometimes led to unusable drunken ramblings, but we started doing it earlier in the morning and it just clicked. You'll see us live on Saturday's beginning tomorrow morning around 8:30am.

Other than my own additions, not much should change here. Pittman, while it wont be as often, will continue to do great writing, along with Billy and Poseur. Jrlz is getting warmed up for what will be an exciting basketball season, and I personally cant wait for another great Baseball season. If you have any concerns, send us an email to