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Arkansas Scouting Report

  • Talk to Hog Fans and they are sure to mention Ryan Mallet's recent hot streak during their last 4 straight wins, which includes 2 SEC wins, gaining nearly 300 yards through the air each game. Arkansas is most definitely a passing team this year.
  • Mallet likes to pass it around a bit. 5 receivers with 3 or more touchdowns and 300+ yards on the season. Statistically, Greg Childs leads the team for the season, but he hasn't been their best reviver in a single game since their loss to Ole Miss more than a month ago.
  • What little of Arky's run game that exists depends on Broderick Green, a short yardage back who has 372 yds and 10 TD's on the season. With the exception of a blowout of E. Michigan, he has not gained more than 50 yds in a game.
  • While Arky has the #1 scoring offense in the SEC this year, their D is certainly lacking. They usually give up ~300 yds and 2 or 3 TDs through the air a game. A recent exception to this is last week against Moo U where they instead gave up 300+ yds and 3 TD's on the ground.
  • Their kicker Tejada is decently consistent but doesn't have great range with a long of 44 and 3 misses beyond that.