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Link Gumbo-11/30/09


Inside LSU Football 11/29/09

As mentioned earlier, Porter has taken the HC spot at Memphis. Hopefully he gets more support than the last guy did...

No video of the postgame press conference that i could find, but LSU does have the audio up.(click link to listen)

Not sure if there is a weekly press conference today with it not being a game week, I'll post it later if it happens.

You can always tell if we won by how cheesy the headlines are. Oh Gosh, Josh(Advoc-Hotard;lots of good postgame quotes) Give 'em the boot(Advoc-Rosetta; general game summary) but your winner is LSU's own recap Jasper's Golden Boot Lifts LSU to OT Rivalry Win. Maybe we should nail his shoes to a block of wood and make that the trophy instead of the 750 lbs disaster we usually fight for. The Times-Pic has a great set of photos from the game.

With the football regular season done, the weekly coaches' show turns to basketball. Trent Johnson's show airs on Monday's starting tonight at 6pm on 100.7 in BR. The start time is an hour earlier than usual so as not to conflict with a big game for a certain Louisiana football team.

Volleyball will indeed host 2 opening rounds of the NCAA at the PMAC starting this Friday at 7:30 with a match against *shudder* Tulane.

About 100 of you tuned in for the 1st Geaux Show on ATVS this past Saturday morning. Hope you enjoyed it. If you missed it, you can rewatch the video below, or subscribe to the audio podcast and listen on the go. The next show is a Live Call-in show on Tuesday night, I'll post more details later today.

There are no Tiger teams in action today. So why not re-watch Saturdays game after the jump?

LSU v Arky 2009 Full Game Replay