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Bama 24 - LSU 15: Snap Judgments

i had a good time at the game, and yes, my family is still intact.  We're pretty good at this "not aggravating each other after a sporting event" thing.  Anyway, here are my Snap Judgments, not at all influenced by television or camera angles or replays, because I have not seen any yet:

  • Patrick Peterson is an absolute stud.  He tied up Julio Jones the whole game, whenever they were matched up on each other.  If there's a better corner in the country, I'd like to see him, but not in a game in which we're playing against him.
  • His cramping problems could well have made the difference in the game.  The touchdown pass to Julio Jones came when Peterson was sitting out recovering from the cramps.  If he's in the game, that play is probably very different.  Heck, they may not have even called that play if Peterson was in the game.
  • Speaking of injuries, the injury to Jordan Jefferson (I do not know the nature of the injury or how serious it was) was another huge factor in this game.  I like Jarrett Lee, but he was not sharp in this game, and we had no passing game once Jefferson went out. 
  • In the stadium, people were saying the "interception" by Patrick Peterson really was an interception and that replay got it wrong.  Heading out of the stadium, we got an LSU feed and Jordy Hultberg was saying the same thing, suggesting the league office would probably deal with the replay official later.  I got home, and Mrs. ATVS told me there was no replay that showed it.  I don't know what to believe.  I know if we got that interception, we had the ball down by 6 with enough time on the clock to mix in runs and passes.  Again, maybe it's a different game.
  • How many people got hurt for us in that game?  Peterson 3 times, Al Woods, Ciron Black, Charles Scott, Jordan Jefferson.  Anyone else?  Richard Dickson did not even play a down.
  • We really played well for most of the game.  I cannot fault the effort our team put into that game.  I could tell before the opening kickoff that they were charged up and ready to play.  It showed throughout the game.
  • Who would have thought we'd score two touchdowns, and they would be scored by Deangelo Peterson and Stevan Ridley.
  • Bama really abandoned the run early in the game, and I have no idea why.  I thought Mark Ingram was hurt for a while, they were doing so little to get him involved in the game.  Then they came out running in the 2nd half and they were getting us on play after play.  I don't know why they didn't do that all game.
  • I really think our offensive line played its best game all season.  For the most part, except on the play where Jefferson took an intentional grounding penalty, our quarterbacks had time.  The running game was able to do a lot of positive things as well.
  • I have not even looked at a box score yet, but I figure they outgained us by quite a bit.  They had a few drives that got yards without getting points, whereas we did not have a lot of medium-length drives that did not produce points.
  • I did not like the decision to go for 2 at the time.  My rule of thumb is that you don't look at the chart until the 4th quarter, and there were still 3 minutes left in the 3rd when we got the touchdown.  It's hard to say the 1 point would have made a difference, but if we got for one then Bama probably goes for 1 on its touchdown to put them up by 4.  Then the final field goal would have kept it a 7 point game instead of a 9 point game.
  • I don't think Alabama was any more talented than we were, and I don't think we got outcoached.  I think we had some costly injuried during the course of the game that converted it from a game between two evenly matched teams to a mismatch.  When we needed to pass, we just couldn't.
  • There's still a lot to play for here.  The SEC Championship is out of reach, obviously, but we will be favored in every game we play, and if we win out we are a shoe-in for the Cap One Bowl with a shot at an 11-win season.  That's nothing to be ashamed of.