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Link Gumbo-12/1/09

Video Board Overtime Intro-Rohan Davey

I was holding this post off until more information was available on the McCarthy situation, but as of press time, there is nothing new to report. Fear not, the ATVS Action News Hearse is on the scene and will break the news as it happens.


Larry Porter's hiring at Memphis may or may not have cost us Lache Seastrunk, depending on what you read into his comments on the matter. Rosetta at The Advoc thinks we're all a bit spoiled being disappointed with 9-3. I'll let you all discuss that civilly in the comments below. Also, take a minute to look over The Bengal's list of 2009 statistics.

Meanwhile, the Cap One bowl Exec. Director Steve Hogan has all but confirmed our invite.

The Geaux Show's first Midweek Call-in show since the merger is tonight at 8:15pm CST. Hope you will join us.

Live Stream

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 27523

Tigers in action tonight: Men at the PMAC vs USL; 6:30pm(Cox Sports Net)-Women at La Tech; 7pm

As mentioned, Trent Johnson's first Coaches show was last night. You can listen to the replay after the jump.