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Link Gumbo 12/14/09

Inside LSU Basketball 12/13/09

The video includes highlights from the Northwestern game and a look at the team's strength and conditioning program.

LSU has officially hired Billy Gonzales with the dubious title of "wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator." It certainly seems that this is a title that will only last through the bowl game.

Your LSU Hall of Fame 2010 Inductees: Trainer Jeff Boss, Coach Sue Gunter, and Coach Paul Dietzel we all know. Jenny Lidback was the greatest ever LSU golfer. James Britt was an excellent Cornerback from the end of the Cholly Mac era.

The Lady Tigers returned to the court on Sunday with alot less rust than the men's team, thoroughly destroying UNO, 57-33.

Dandy Don was in the Dome for the state finals and he has a good write up of our commitments who played and also of those who we should be looking at in the future.

Rosetta at The Advoc has a few quotes from PSU's media day. He also has his own take on the hirings. He doesn't go as far as to say Gonzales is an OC-in-waiting, but even he can tell that the move is odd.

The Men return the court against a much more difficult SELA team at 7pm; radio only. Hopefully we can push that in-state streak to 78.