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Taz-Mania! LSU 77, Southeastern Louisiana 60


I can't resist posting the Taz-Mania Theme Song every time Taz has a great game.

Taz clobbered Southeastern Louisiana.  24 points, 18 rebounds.  Spectacular.  Just an outstanding performance.  What's even more impressive, he did it all without committing a single foul or turnover.  Now THAT'S something the youngsters can learn from the senior.

Bo Spencer left his scoring funk and put up 21 points, including 3 threes.  Bo also matched his season high 5 assists.

Storm Warren double-double counter: six.  14 points, 12 rebounds.  Warren's sensational sophomore campaign continues.

Non-Taz-Bo-or-Storm points?  18.  Not too impressive, but not embarrassing.  Chris Bass was the best of the rest with 6 points on a pair of threes.  Bass also gained 4 assists.

Aaron Dotson may someday be a great shooter, but right now he should probably think about passing more.  He did get 5 points, but that was on 1-6 shooting (0-4 from behind the arc) and a dismal 3-7 from the charity stripe.

Storm was 2-7 from the stripe himself.  Actually, free-throw shooting is another area that LSU has been less than swell at this season.

The game was tight through the first half.  LSU dominated early in the second half and didn't look back.

By winning, LSU extended its win-streak against in-state rivals to 78, which is just outstanding.

LSU still has work to do, but we've got Nicholls State on Thursday and Rice on Saturday to help us improve a few things before the real season begins.