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Link Gumbo 12/19/09

Post-Practice Interview 12/16/09

REMINDER! You have just a few hours to get your picks in for the Pick'em Challenge.

The NCAA has ruled on the coaching situation for the bowl game: Porter is out, Wilson and Gonzales are in. Wilson and Gonzales immediately hit the recruiting trail to make up some lost time before the holiday dead period.

Speaking of recruiting, we have 2 more additions for the 2011 class. 6' 4", 303 lbs OL Corey White from Capitol High was pretty much a shoe in for LSU, while 6'3" 290 lbs DT Anthony Johnson from O. P. Walker is yet another Tennessee comit who has decided to follow Wilson to LSU.

The team is looking forward to better weather in Orlando when they arrive on Dec 26th. It wont be the 1st time in Orlando for some of the players. has a list of the 10 greatest games of the decade. The 07 Florida game ranks at #8 and the whole list is pretty solid, including that 7 OT Ole Miss-Arkansas game from '01.

The Men's team is back in the PMAC in about 20 minutes to play Rice in the last home game of the year. Game starts at 1 pm and is again on Cox Sports.