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Another Ugly Win: LSU 65 Rice 61

Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly.  That's LSU right now.  Our eight wins have been ugly, our 2 losses have been uglier.  That's been our style this year.

And the fans are giving the team this year a big thumbs-down.  No, the fans aren't littering TigerDroppings with flames and criticism.  Instead, LSU fans are doing the ultimate display of disapproval: not showing up.

Rice did a great job eliminating Taz and Storm.  Mitchell had just 10 points, and Storm had just 11.  Mitchell did grab 12 rebounds, while Warren was a rebound away from his eighth double-double of the season.

So who stepped up?  Bo did.  Spencer scored 22 points in typical Bo Spencer fashion.  He made 4 three pointers.

Who else stepped up?  The true frosh, Dotson and Ludwig.

Dotson, who's been cold all season long, stepped up and posted a season-high 10 points.  He also added 5 rebounds and 3 assists, and he didn't turn the ball over.

Ludwig got into foul trouble, and thus has limited minutes, but he made the most of them, scoring 9 points, grabbing 5 boards, and blocking a shot, all in just 15 minutes.  Ludwig made both of his field goal attempts and was 5-6 from the free throw line.

These are the kind of performances we needed from them.  Those numbers are not superstar numbers.  They're not numbers that will impress anybody.  They are what they are: solid bench numbers.  That's what the rest of the bench guys (forgive me, I refer to everyone that's not Taz, Bo or Storm as a "bench guy") should aspire to.  If Bass, Kinsley, Harris (only played one minute, still recovering from injury) and Green all put up 6 points or so a game, we'd be a great team.

NTBS points (non-Taz-Bo-Storm points): 22.  A solid performance indeed, and a much-needed one, because Taz and Storm both had down days.

So LSU fans see a team that is ugly, but improving.  That is, of course, if they're watching.