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Our basketball team's offense sucks too.

Today, I caught a glimpse of some SEC Basketball team statistics, and boy, they aren't pretty.

LSU's offense is dead last in the SEC in scoring, with just 63.7 points per game.  We're also dead last in field goal percentage (.404, which is actually WAY worse than 11th-ranked Mississippi State's .438) and 3-point percentage (.265).

It's not like the stats are skewed because of our games against UConn and ASU.  It's time to admit it.  We've got the clangsies.  That is, our shots keep clanging off the rim, if they're lucky to reach the rim at all.

We have 6 regulars shooting .400 or under.

Chris Bass sits even at .400.  Though it's not as bad as those below him, it's far from great.

Zach Kinsley, with most of his bad numbers coming before his ASU breakout, is shooting .348.

Just below him is Eddie Ludwig, who stands at .333.

Even Bo Spencer is not immune to the clangsies.  His .313 leaves much to be desired.

Freshman Aaron Dotson hasn't been sharp either.  He has a poor .263 average.

The worst offender by far is Garrett Green, whose .143 mark is downright abysmal.  This is especially embarrassing for a center because centers have the easiest shots to take.

LSU is actually the best offensive rebounding team in the SEC, which only makes our shooting woes more aggravating.  We shoot, miss, get the rebound, and then miss again.  Sometimes, it's painful to watch.

By the way, LSU also ranks 10th in assists, 10th in steals and 11th in blocked shots in the SEC.