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Link Gumbo 12/21/09

Here are your Pick'em results after the 1st weekend. The top 10 are shown below

***Ineligible ATVS/Geaux Show Staff

Pick Set
Correct Picks
Possible Points
1 aladamnbama  Stuck in the Plains 1 of 3 30 30
2 nickover  nickover1 2 of 3 26 26
3 Werd to your Mother  greg b 1 of 3 22 22
4 Jane's Picks  Jane Estrada 1 of 3 17 17
5 Apex  Bryan 1 of 3 11 11
6 ***How's ya mom and dem?  Chase 1 of 3 10 10
7 Ianoka  IanH 2 of 3 9 9
8 LSU Smuggler  pawnmaker2000 1 of 3 7 7
8 All Saints Day  Matthew 1 of 3 7 7
10 ***Goldilocks  Okie 1 of 3 6 6


Don't get your hopes up, it's still very early. If you would like to join late, I believe it's still possible.

It is slow this week before Christmas, which usually means we get a back load of the human interest stories in the local papers. They're usually a good read and a nice way to kill time at work before the office party. The Advoc has a nice profile on Sr. Daniel Graff, a walk on who is one of the leading tackles on Special Teams. They also have another piece on Student-Coach Chip Breaux, who's gone from breaking his neck in a high school game to getting offers from NFL teams. Rosetta also has a few good quotes and notes from last weeks practices.

LSU got another 2011 commit late friday from 5' 11", 225lbs Patterson RB Kenny Hilliard (Yes, that Hilliard, it's his nephew).

Lady Tigers lost a heartbreaker in Lincoln Sunday night to the #20 Huskers, 77-63. Nebraska's defense forced us into bad shots, keeping LSU shooting to just over 39% for the night. The Ladies are now 9-1 and will look to rebound against SELA tonight at 7 in the PMAC (radio on 107.3 in BR)

Meanwhile, the Men are on the road to the Palouse (ok, the game is actually at the Key Areana in Seattle, former home of the SuperSonics.) Below you can watch highlights from the Rice and Nicholls St games.