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Heartbreak in Seattle: Washington State 72 LSU 70 (OT)

This was arguably LSU's best fight of the season so far.  We hung with the Cougars the whole game.  In a game that could have easily been given up once Storm got into foul trouble, the Tigers kept fighting, and in the process, we came up looking a whole lot like a team.  You know, a group were everyone contributes, not just 3 guys.

NTBS Points: 27, and that's the story for LSU this game.  Dotson managed to get 11 points before fouling out, and Zach Kinsley provided 8 points, including 2 threes.  Green got 4 points by dunking it down instead of laying it up.  Ludwig got 2 points, and Harris and Bass had a point each.

Bass is going to get too much blame for this game.  Never a great shooter, Bass was just 1-4 from the free throw line, including 2 painful misses at the end of regulation that could have been game-winners. 

Washington State sealed up Storm Warren, causing him to draw fouls and miss shots.  Storm was uncharacteristically ineffective tonight, grabbing just two points on 1-5 shooting before fouling out.

Our 3-point shooting needs improvement, and fast.  It's apparent that perimeter shooting is still a focus for LSU because we made 23 attempts from behind the arc.  We only made 6 of them.  Aaron Dotson was 0-5.  Bo Spencer was 2-11, missing a potential game-winner at the end of overtime.

LSU outrebounded Wazzu 43-34.  We also managed to get 8 steals and 5 blocks, but Washington State was able to get 31 points off of free throws.  Shooting at the charity stripe remains a weakness for LSU.

Somehow, I feel better about LSU's chances with this game.  We look more like a team now.  But that just makes the loss even more of an epic bummer.  It could have been a classic for us, but now it's Washington State's classic.