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Link Gumbo 12/23/09

Billy Gonzales' first Interview as a Tiger. Sounds like he does alot of shouting in practice. Based on that video and this report from WBRZ, it seems less and less likely that Crowton is getting the boot this year. That, or the Cap One is a fight for his job.

As reported, LSU lost a tough one to Wazzou. I listened on the radio and Hawthorne damn near lost his mind because of the officiating. Geaux Zone video of the game will probably be available sometime this morning, I cant wait to see it.

Meanwhile, the Ladies blew the doors off of SELA 72-27. It was 17-0 at one point.

As was announced, Charles Scott is out for the bowl game. With Keiland still hurting, we'll be down to just Ridley and Holliday.

Today for your viewing pleasure we've got the 3rd episode of Tiger Talk (filmed at TJ Ribs, seemingly on a betamax tape 20 years ago) featuring Russel Shepard and Richard Dixon. They talk about the season, what they think about the bowl and even discuss who's going to wear #18 next year.