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Link Gumbo 12/28/09

Post-Practice Interview 12/27/09

Here are your updated rankings in the Bowl Pick'em, and things are very fluid right now.

Rank Pick Set Correct Picks Points Possible Points
1 Werd to your Mother  greg b 5 of 10 92 519
2 Jane's Picks  Jane Estrada 4 of 10 85 465
3 shelby924  Jessica 4 of 10 81 516
4 nickover  nickover1 6 of 10 79 525
5 winner winner chicken dinner  D C 5 of 10 77 528
6 Daniel LaRusso  therick2323 4 of 10 76 485
7 All Saints Day  Matthew 4 of 10 75 482
8 WalterFTW  Walt 4 of 10 64 484
9 Crowdrawa  The Bengal 4 of 10 63 487
9 MAYBE I WONT FINISH LAST  jglabat 5 of 10 63 491
9 aladamnbama  Stuck in the Plains 3 of 10 63 498
12 ortigerfan  asskinthrobbins 2 of 10 60 527
12 LSU Smuggler  pawnmaker2000 5 of 10 60 487
14 Purpletiger  Chet 5 of 10 59 574
15 PodKATT  jguyote3 8 of 10 51 591


I've included the top 15 to illustrate my point. Technically I have made the most correct picks so far, but because I ranked most of these early bowls low on the confidence-o-meter, I dont have alot of points to show for it. I'll just have to make up some ground in the later bowls.

Rosetta at the Advoc was able to get Les Miles' reaction to Meyer's resignation/leave of absence. In the same article it is noted that Larry Porter is still working with the team in Orlando as an "Unpaid Consultant." Also, there was a review of Wilson and Gonzales' impact on the team so far in Saturdays' paper.

Even though it's the dead period, Kleinpeter at the Times Pic has done a nice bit on 3 in-state recruits LSU will focus on after the break, 2 of which are already committed elsewhere. And the Times-Pic also released their Male and Female College Athletes of the Decade; Glenn Dorsey and Seimone Augustus.

As they did during the CWS this year and last years' Peach bowl, LSU has given a player a mic and a camera to do team interviews. These are usually pretty funny. This time around the student reporter is Orlando Gunn, a walk-on Senior from Texas who has spent all of his time as a running back on the practice squad. Wall of shiny video after the break.