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X Marks the Splat: Xavier 89 LSU 65

Ugh.  I mean, ugh.  This was bad.  I mean, this was really bad.  This was as painful as the UConn loss and probably more so since it's not like Xavier is UConn.

LSU was overpowered in the paint, and inaccurate at the perimeter.  Xavier took control of the game early, and never looked back.  LSU was outrebounded in a huge way- 51-30, and this is a team that NEEDS good rebounding to survive.

Our shooting woes strike again.  LSU was a pathetic 1-14 from behind the arc.  Bo was 1-6.  Everyone else was 0-8.

Once again, Storm Warren was reduced to a sprinkle.  He did most of his damage in garbage time, grabbing 11 points and 6 rebounds.

NTBS points: 16, and that's obviously not enough.  Eddie Ludwig killed his minutes with fouls and only grabbed two points.  Chris Bass had 0 points, Dotson had just 2, Dennis Harris had 0 points.

We had a bad shooting night.  I don't think anybody could say they had a good shooting night.

There's no sugarcoating this one.  The Musketeers made the Tigers look like the Mouseketeers.  It was bad, painful, humiliating, all of the above.  I don't know what to say.

Does LSU have the horses to compete?  I dunno.  Maybe we'll get better.  That's what I keep hoping for.  But the team that played tonight will not go very far in SEC play.  This Tiger Team needs to regroup and fast, because SEC play is lurking around the corner, and after Tulane, there's no more local mid-majors to bully.

Oof.  We got punched in the gut.