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Last Nights' Bowls Reveals Potential X-factors?

So after last nights disaster at Xavier, I'm watching the Champs Sports Bowl (at the Citrus bowl stadium) and then something you never want to see happens, a back trips up on some loose turf and gets hurt, having to be carried off the field. I don't think much of it and keep watching, but as the game goes on, I start to notice more and more chunks of turf laying on the field and lots of dirt coming up when the ground is impacted or when a runner digs in. It gets so bad that the announcers pick up on it and reveal that it's new sod that doesn't seem to have taken. It looks just terrible, like it's mushy, but not wet, kinda like oak moss. Forecast shows a little rain between now and kickoff. Might just be paranoia, but there's not much the grounds crew can do besides repaint it before then. Could effect our speed.

And the great petri dish that the EagleBank Bowl was supposed to be wasn't. Playing on what was basically green ice at the old RFK, Temple was doing fine till their best player got hurt, then got bad breaks when a UCLA player slipped into an INT and an icy ball got snapped out of the endzone. As mildly entertaining as it was, we learn nothing due to Temple's sheer bad luck.

Oh, and I take back every bad word I ever said about the Indy bowl. RFK is a freaking dump.