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Link Gumbo-12/3/09

LSU Football All-Access: Arkansas 2009

No new news in the McCarthy situation, except word from Chancellor Martin that the investigation and it's likely outcome will have "absolutely zero impact" on Les Miles.

As for the other coaching vacancy that will need filling, Dandy Don has heard through the grapevine that we are looking at Tenn. WR Coach Frank Wilson, formerly of Orgeron's Ole Miss Staff, formerly of 2001-2002 Disrtict 10-4A champion O.P. Walker High in New Orleans. If you've read "Meat Market" you know Wilson was Orgeron's right hand man when it came to recruiting, so he should fill the void left by Porter quite nicely.

Justin Goar has a nice post comparing this season to planning a marriage...Trust me it's still worth a read.

Bowl Scenarios abound, with the strange news that the Outback Bowl is favoring Auburn which throws all sorts of things into chaos that leads to UGA being the final SEC team to watch the dead cows float down the Red River from the outdoor patio of a chain restaurant in the Shreveport/Bossier City Metroplex. Like anyone who is facing a holiday weekend in that mecca of Cowboys fans and riverboat casinos, Dawgs fans are decidedly unenthusiastic about it. Meanwhile, LSU's official invitation to the Cirtus Bowl is on hold until the Big Ten's at-large BCS team is chosen.

The Lady Tigers had a great down to the wire game Tuesday night against perennial foe La Tech, winning 77-74. Hightower had a career high 32 points.

Laney at the Advoc had a nice interview with Tazmin Mitchell after his great performance against USL, which he deemed "OK"

Tickets for all 3 games of LSU's round of the NCAA Volleyball tourney this weekend are on sale now. *Monster Truck Voice* KIDS SEATS JUST FOUR BUCKS!!!!!