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Riders on the Storm


Storm Warren is here, ladies and gentleman.  Storm is one of the best players in the conference, and I can say that without hesitation.  Storm is 9th in the SEC in scoring.  Storm leads the SEC and is 17th in the NATION in rebounds per game and he is also 2nd in the NATION in offensive rebounds per game.


Storm Warren is second in the NATION in offensive rebounds.

I don't care if it's early in the season.  STORM WARREN IS A MONSTER.

But he's not getting enough help.

LSU has 3 players in the SEC's top 15 scorers (Spencer #8, Warren #9, Mitchell #15), but despite their best efforts, our offense remains in the cellar.

It's discouraging when we watch our young team struggle while Kentucky's young team (I believe they have 3 freshmen in their starting 5) looks damned impressive.

But Kentucky's freshmen arrived in Lexington NBA-ready, and many of them are NBA-bound at the end of this season.  Our freshman, like Storm Warren last year, came with "some assembly required".  The hard part for us is that we have to wait.