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Link Gumbo 12/30/09

Post-Practice Interview 12/29

Reports are surfacing that UGA, who fired nearly their entire defensive staff this year, is trying to make a play for Chavis. As you would expect, Coach Miles offered "I don't really want to talk about that." According to players, Chavis seems to be excited to have a shot at avenging his own 3 bowl losses to JoePa.

As has become tradition, lots of jersey swaps in these last few practices, the much heralded #18 tradition now reads Mauck-to-Hester-to-Dickson-to-Richard Murphy. After getting hurt this year, he should be ready for an excellent senior season.

Barksdale has now responded publicly about the Twitter incident a few weeks ago, saying it was just a bad practical joke. Something funny of note in that same article, WBRZ got kicked out of PSU's practice for pissing off JoePa.

Jai Eugene is serving an "in-house" suspension for missing the team flight to Orlando. He will play in the bowl but how much is uncertain, as is why he missed the flight. R.J. Jackson has also been cleared to play, having healed his broken foot.

The Lady Tigers will attempt to avenge last night's Xavier defeat and Van Chancellor is going for his 500th career win. Game is at 6pm on 107.3 in BR.

Also this evening will be The Geaux Show's Bowl Pregame show and Poseur has promised to show up this time. We'll get started around 8pm CST, with all the numbers and links appearing here near show time.

LSU is taking this whole video blogging thing seriously. Another wall of shiny video after the break.