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What is LSU's 2009 Game of the Year?

At the end of tonight's Women's v. Xavier game, LSU will have played it's final game of calendar year 2009. It's been an awesome year, all things considered.

Only 12 to choose from in Football (last year's bowl shellacking of GT was on new years eve so it doesn't count). Tulane is a personal favorite just because we sent them away in style. The Arky game was pretty good. Maybe the Bama game right up till them moment Peterson cramped up.

Baseball has so many to choose from. The Tulane Called-game was so epic. The late night marathon against UGA to stay alive for the SEC Championship. Not to mention the Texas series finale/victory lap.

Basketball had a nice return to winning ways. The tourney games were alright, but far and away the Double Overtime thriller at MooU (which nobody saw) was the most exciting of their season.

Any personal favorites I'm missing? Speak up in the comments and I'll put together a poll for next week.