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Chavis Tells Richt Neaux

It's official that Chavis has turned down the money and decided to stay on as the defensive co-ordinator, albeit with a pay bump.  Not bad for a guy who was already one of the highest paid assistants in the country. 

There's been some grumblings with Chavis over "third and Chavis" and how his defenses don't blitz enough.  Whatever.  The team is 14th in the nation in scoring defense, a year after ranking in the bottom half of the nation.  This team allows about a touchdown less a game than it did last year.  Our linebackers looked great this season and it was perhaps the best LB unit since 2003.  The secondary also dramatically improved under Chavis' watch.  OK, the defensive line is still a problem area, but I'm hoping that had more to do with personnel than coaching.

Frankly, we just needed the continuity.  Had Chavis left, and I think it was a touch and go, LSU would have had to hire its fourth DC in as many years.  Sometimes you just need a little continuity, and I'm excited what this defense can do with a full year under Chavis.  Chavis isn't a sexy coach, he's just a guy who gets the job done with minimal fanfare: scoring goes down.  That's all I want. 

Honestly, I thought he was gone.  Georgia offered a lot of money and there were plenty of rumors that Chavis and his family hadn't adjusted to Baton Rouge.  Look, I love Louisiana, but I understand it ain't for everybody.  He still has family on the coast and you can't put a price tag on things like that.  I did not think he was coming back.

But I'm pleasantly surprised to find out he is.  This team needs some continuity in the middle of this staff turnover.  Chavis has rebuilt this defense, but his job isn't finished.  He got LSU back to play good defense, now he has to get us back to great.