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Tennessee coach Frank Wilson replaces Larry Porter as Running Backs coach

Per the Times-Pic



(Frank Wilson on the right, getting Marsalis Teague's head in the game)

Welcome Frank Wilson to the staff.  He will be our running backs coach.  Frank Wilson is known as a fiery recruiter and energetic coach.  Frank Wilson is also Louisiana-based, and his connections with Louisiana high schools will help maintain the Louisiana pipelines.

People are concerned that LSU is getting a wide receivers coach to be our running backs coach, but before Wilson was a WR coach at Tennessee, he was a RB coach at Ole Miss, so he has RB coaching experience.

It was important that Miles make this hire quickly, because LSU would fall behind in recruiting if he didn't bring in that extra recruiter.  The next step is finding a replacement for very-likely-to-be-departed D. J. McCarthy.

So welcome, Frank Wilson.  Send him a box of cookies.