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Link Gumbo 12/8/09

2009 Capital One Bowl Invitation Press Conference

As you are no doubt aware, LSU will face Penn St. in the Citrus Bowl. A few PSU fans have stopped by to say hi. They've even put together a ridiculously early look at the game.(I swear, we are never gonna live down that Les Miles gatorade pic) Be a good neighbor and go visit. Try and find out what in the world a Nittany is.

McCarthy Watch continues, but no charcoal smoke has been emitted from Mike's tower yet. As for the story within the story, The Rev has issued the weakest non-apology apology I've read in a while. Something tells me they still trust their anonymous source...

Frank Wilson officially joined the coaching staff on Monday, though no word on whether or not he will coach in our bowl or Tennessee's (Peach on New Year's Eve vs. Va Tech). And although Porter is already recruiting for Memphis, he has been asked to coach for LSU one last time.

The AP All-SEC teams are out:

2 good recruiting pickups this week. Frank Wilson's first recruiting contribution is Hahnville RB Alfred Blue who was leaning towards Tenn. or Ole Miss. Next, the Tigers gave an offer to Parkview Baptist punter Brad Wing, an Australian exchange student who is still in his first ever season of Gridiron. He had pretty good stats in the semi-final win over E.D. White last week. That makes 25 recruits for the 2010 class, Dandy Don has a full list.

Volleyball dropped a heartbreaker on Sunday to the Aggies in 5 sets, ending their postseason. It was a great season that saw 3 Lady Tigers make the All-SEC first team, including SEC POY Brittnee Cooper, and Coach Fran Flory picked up the SEC COY award. And at least we got to send the Greenies home first.

News to me: we have an Equestrian team preparing for Nationals.

The new Basketball Practice Facility on the north side of the PMAC is finished and both teams are already using it.

Board of Sup's News: Trent Johnson's contract extended to 2014 and his compensation was increased to 1.05 mil a year. Coach Flory got a 2 year extension and minor pay raises for Soccer's Brian Lee, Women's Golf's Karen Bahnsen, and Women's Tennis's Tony Minnis.

If we survive the flooding today, The Geaux Show will return tonight to talk about all the championship games, a look back at the season, and your calls. We'll hold off from having an honest discussion of PSU for later in the month. Join us round about 8:15pm CST if you feel like shooting the breeze.

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All teams are off for Finals week, the next LSU game is Men's Basketball at home Saturday night against Natchitoches.

After the break, enjoy the 1st episode of Inside LSU Basketball

Inside LSU Basketball (12/6/09)