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Introducing a New Writer at ATVS

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In our hopes of improving both the quantity and the quality of our content here at ATVS, we have a new writer on staff.  Tortfeasor is, as the name suggests, yet another person connected to the legal profession here at And The Valley Shook.  This time, we have robbed the cradle and gotten ourselves a law student.  He had been writing on his own over at Bleacher Report for a little while, and he got my attention.  He'll start writing pretty soon here.  He's never written semi-professionally before, so we have little idea of how his writing style will progress beyond what we've seen of him.  

Like all of our writers here at ATVS, Tortfeasor has free reign to write about whatever he wants, though I warned him not to try to be the "baseball guy" because that's Poseur's domain.  And Poseur will knife him if he feels he needs to.  Or perhaps just hit him with a golf club.

Anyway, a big hand for Tortfeasor please?