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LSU 11, Southern 5

Yet another easy win.  On the one hand, that's great.  I love big wins against inferior opponents.  On the other hand, it makes finding something to write about the game rather difficult.  So forgive me if I don't have any good insights in the wake of a mid-week rout.

Chris Matulis made his collegiate debut, and just like all of the starters last weekend, he was excellent.  Actually, it's saying something that he perhaps had the worst outing for a starter this season, and he went 5 IP with 1 ER, 5 H, and 5 K.  The biggest concern going into this year was our starting pitching.  Right now, we've had four consecutive top tier starts, not to mention Bradshaw's great outing from the pen.  I'm not ready to declare our starting pitching as great, especially since dominating Villanova and Southern is a far cry from dominating an SEC team.

Even better news for the Tigers was the out of town scoreboard.  Depending on which poll you use, Texas A&M or UNC is LSU's biggest rival for the top spot in the poll.  While LSU was bashing Southern's brains in, A&M lost to Centenary and Coast Carolina upset UNC on Tuesday.  If LSU can sweep UCF this weekend, they are a shoo-in for #1.  Hell, going 2 of 3 still makes it pretty likely. 

Being #1 doesn't matter all that much until after Omaha, but I'd rather be #1 than not be #1.