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LSU 76 - Alabama 62

It started out tough, as LSU fell behind 11-2, but a 17-0 run in the middle of the first half put us up to a commanding lead.  Credit Chris Bass and Terry Martin with providing a spark that got us out of the early doldrums.  We weren't just losing.  We appeared to lack energy and just weren't ready for the start of the game.  Bass and Martin came in and scored a couple buckets and got the offense started up.

After that, Marcus Thornton took over.  He had 18 in the first half.  Tasmin had a nice night as well with 16 points, 11 rebounds.  

After we got our big lead, as much as 13 in the first half, Bama never really made a serious run.  They got our lead briefly below 10, but never challenged after halftime.  We put in the bench with about 7 minutes to play and the lead hovered around 20 until Bama scored 10 of the final 12 points of the game to make the final score a little more respectable.

Bama now hasn't won a road game in the SEC since January 31, 2007, which was incidentally against LSU.