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SEC Tournament: Game 1, Ole Miss vs. Kentucky

The moment this post is scheduled to appear on the site, the broadcast of the first SEC Tournament game should be beginning.  A few minutes of previews will of course mean that the game has not started.

This post is, of course, a result of the fact that LSU plays the winner of this game tomorrow at noon.  Sadly, I will not be able to watch that game, as I will be working.  I don't quite understand why they do it that way.  Either Ole Miss or Kentucky will have to play two consecutive games on two consecutive days when most of their fans will be at work.  Why not stagger them?  If you play at noon on Thursday, have them play at 6:00 on Friday.  If they play at 6:00 on Thursday, have them play at noon on Friday.  I know that would be a pretty quick turnaround for the guys in the late games, but I would be pretty miffed if I was an Ole Miss fan and my team had to win twice before I could see them play.

But anyway, obviously we have a vested interest in this game, because we get the winner.  Personally, I'd rather see us play Ole Miss.  Kentucky sure has been pitiful lately, but nothing in the world is going to change the fact that Kentucky has Patrick Patterson, and we can't guard him.  We were fortunate to come out of Lexington with a win, and while I know Kentucky has played poorly since then, so have we.

Ole Miss's athleticism will give Kentucky trouble, just as it gives everyone trouble.  Kentucky has a lot of good guards who can play and who are a threat to score.  They also have some bigs who may be able to contain Patterson a little bit.  They are, however, also a struggling team, losers of 3 of their last 4.  

Both of these teams need to win this tournament to make it to the next one, and Ole Miss may need to win the tournament to make it to ANY post-season action.  Kentucky will at least get to the NIT regardless of what happens here.  The thought of Kentucky in the NIT is very strange, and I imagine the players and fans feel the same way.

Anyway, if you want to participate in a Game Thread on this one, check out A Sea of Blue.  They will have a lively one.