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One of the worst cottage industries in sports jounrnalism is the Bracketologist.  He's right up there with college recruiting expert or NFL Draftnik. 

Look, I like projections, but let's not pretend they are experts.  I can make a spreadsheet, too.  In fact, I will now project the brackets, a task which took me a little over an hour.  Remember, I have no contacts in the NCAA and claim no special insight.  I just know the criteria and can input data into Excel.  I'm willing to bet my brackets are just as accurate as the pros. 

Here we go:

1 Pitt v 16 Radford
8 Purdue v 9 Texas A&M
4 Florida St v 13 American
5 Xavier v 12 N. Iowa
3 Villanova v 14 Binghamton
6 Oklahoma St v 11 Wisconsin
7 Butler v 10 Siena
2 Duke v 15 Cornell

1 UNC v 16 Chatanooga/Alabama St winner
8 Dayton v 9 Ohio St
4 Syracuse v 13 W. Kentucky
5 UCLA v 11 Creighton
3 Wake v 14 Robert Morris
6 LSU v 11 USC
7 Texas v 10 Minnesota
2 Memphis v 15 ETSU

1 Louisville v 16 Morehead St
8 Marquette v 9 BC
4 Illinois v 13 Stephen F Austin
5 Utah v 12 Cleveland St
3 Kansas v 14 Akron
6 West Virginia v 11 Maryland
7 Tennessee v 10 Cal
2 Michigan St v 15 Morgan St

1 UConn v 16 CS-Northridge
8 BYU v 9 Utah St
4 Washington v 13 VCU
5 Gonzaga v 12 Temple
3 Mizzou v 14 North Dakota St
6 Arizona St v 11 San Diego St/Miss. St*
7 Clemson v 10 Michigan
2 Oklahoma v 15 Portland St

*NOTE: Mississippi St gets in as an auto bid and steals San Diego St's bid.  /gulp  Go Bulldogs. 

LAST FIVE IN: Michigan, Wisconsin, Maryland, Crighton, San Diego St
LAST FIVE OUT: Auburn, Arizona, Florida, St Mary's, New Mexico

Let's see how the amateur does. 

Oh, good win for baseball on Friday.  Saturday was rained out and there's a double header going on now.  Geaux Tigers!