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Richard Picks His Tourney Team

I have picked my tournament team, and you should begin picking yours.  You need not share your team publicly by posting it in a message here.  You can instead email me at a,n,d,t,h,e,v,a,l,l,e,y,s,h,o,o,k at sign gmail dot com, removing all the commas. Anyway, here is my team:

  1. Sam Young, Pittsburgh
  2. Blake Griffin, Oklahoma
  3. Demarre Carroll, Missouri
  4. Jeff Teague, Wake
  5. Toney Douglas, FSU
  6. James Harden, Ariz. State
  7. Tyrese Rice, Boston College
  8. Marcus Thornton, LSU
  9. Tyler Smith, Tennessee
  10. Grievus Vasquez, Maryland
  11. Eric Maynor, VCU
  12. AJ Slaughter, WKU
  13. Jarvis Varnado, MSU
  14. Ryan Wittman, Cornell
  15. DJ Rivera, Binghamton
  16. Artsiom Parakhouski, Radford

Once again, the rules are:

  1. Pick one player from each seed level.
  2. Count the points the players score over the course of the tournament.
  3. The play-in game does not count and you may wait until after the play-in game to pick your team.
  4. Pick your team before the start of the first regular game.