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13-4, 11-2, 16-0. 

That's not just a sweep, that's an annihilation.  When you beat a team by a combined score of 40-6, it's hard to find anything to say other than, wow.  So, wow.

This weekend we learned to amend the old axim that great pitching beats great hitting.  That may or may not be true, but great hitting absolutely destroys mediocre pitching.  And our great pitching and great hitting made UCF look silly. 

And how awesome is Leon Landry?  He already has 5 home runs and 6 stolen bases on the year.  He's slugging 1.000.  The crazy thing is, that doesn't even lead the team.  LeMahieu right now is hitting an absurd 625/690/1208.  Oh, and Jared Mitchell has already stolen 9 bases on 9 attempts this season.  That's already more than halfway to last year's team-leading total of 16. 

This team is putting up video game numbers right now.  I know it hasn't exactly been Murderer's Row in the other dugout, but this is crazy.  It's still too early to know for sure, but the early returns point to this being the best LSU team in a decade.  And yes, I know we won a title in 2000.