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Tourney Game: Round 1

OK, round 1 is over, and thanks to Cleveland State, there was at least one undeniable genuine upset.  I think one of the reasons I haven't been able to get into the games much is because I've had to work.  Working always takes the fun out of it, I guess.  But really, I'm just sort of over the NCAA tournament.  I think the years of indifference to the NCAA regular season may have finally caught up to me.

Anyway, here are the results of the first full round of the ATVS NCAA Tournament Game:

  • Richard: 277 points, 8 players remaining (Sam Young, Blake Griffin, Demarre Carroll, Toney Douglas, James Harden, Marcus Thornton, Grievus Vasquez, AJ Slaughter)
  • Poseur: 252 points, 7 players remaining (Terrance Williams, Tyreke Evans, Scottie Reynolds, Derrick Brown, Marcus Thornton, Grievus Vasquez, AJ Slaughter)
  • Janepriceestrada: 294 points, 8 players remaining (Tyler Hansbrough, Gerald Henderson, Jonny Flynn, BJ Raymond, AJ Abrams, Tasmin Mitchell, Grievus Vasquez, AJ Slaughter)
  • Scott (email submission):  333 points, 9 players remaining (Tyler Hansbrough, Kyle Singler, Sherron Collins, Toney Douglas, James Harden, Marcus Thornton, Manny Harris, AJ Slaughter, J'Nathan Bullock)
  • Uberschuck (email submission): 254 points, 10 players remaining (Tyler Hansbrough, Tyreke Evans, Scottie REynolds, BJ Raymond, Toney Douglas, James Harden, AJ Abrams, Marcus Thornton, Grievus Vasquez, Orlando Mendez-Valdez)
  • LSU Jonno: 269 points, 8 players remaining (Terrance williams, Tyreke Evans, Jonny Flynn, Toney Douglas, James Harden, Tasmin MItchell, Grievus Vasquez, AJ Slaughter).

Scott obviously had a big round.  Picking a Cleveland State player gave him a pretty good advantage, plus he avoided any of the really bad picks other than Jeff Teague (killer).  All of his picks either put up a decent number or advanced to play another game.

Poseur's at a decided disadvantage, mainly because he had  bad #16 and #15 picks that got him few points, and he picked the three-team combination of Utah, West Virginia, and Boston College, getting three players who scored a combined total of 33 points and were all eliminated.

I'm sitting in the middle of the pack, but I have the most players that no one else has.  With Sam Young, Blake Griffin, and Demarre Carroll, I will do OK as long as Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, and Missouri advance while other team's 1, 2, and 3 players are eliminated.

Uberschuck didn't get enough points in round 1, but he has the most players remaining, thanks to avoiding upsets in round one (all of his 1-8 players advanced), and picking Maryland and WKU (which everyone picked, by the way).

Janepriceestrada is in decent position, but needs Syracuse and Xavier to advance pretty far if she wants to catch up to Scott.  She also needs Kansas or FSU to take a hard fall.

LSU Jonno is at a disadvantage because he only has 7 players remaining.  He really needs Syracuse, Memphis, and Louisville to advance far, and needs for all the lower seed teams other than Maryland to get bumped out from here.

All scoring is based on the box scores on ESPN's pages.  If anyone has any disputes or thinks I did my math wrong (it is very possible), leave a message or email me and tell me what you think your scores should be.  After the jump, I will list everyone's team so it's all out in the open.



  • Sam Young, Pittsburgh
  • Blake Griffin, Oklahoma
  • Demarre Carroll, Missouri
  • Jeff Teague, Wake
  • Toney Douglas, FSU
  • James Harden, Ariz. State
  • Tyrese Rice, Boston College
  • Marcus Thornton, LSU
  • Tyler Smith, Tennessee
  • Grievus Vasquez, Maryland
  • Eric Maynor, VCU
  • AJ Slaughter, WKU
  • Jarvis Varnado, MSU
  • Ryan Wittman, Cornell
  • DJ Rivera, Binghamton
  • Artsiom Parakhouski, Radford


    1 Terrence Williams, Louisville

    2 Tyreke Evans, Memphis
    3 Scottie Reynolds, Nova
    4 Derrick Brown, Xavier
    5 Luke Nevill, Utah
    6 Da’Sean Butler, WVU
    7 Tyrese Rice, BC
    8 Marcus Thornton, LSU
    9 Tyler Smith, Tennessee
    10 Greivis Vasquez, Maryland
    11 Eric Maynor, VCU
    12 AJ Slaughter, WKU
    13 Jarvis Varnado, Mississippi St
    14 Ben Woodside, North Dakota St
    15 Jeremy Chappell, Robert Morris
    16 Stephen McDowell, Chattanooga


    1. Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina

    2. Gerald Henderson, Duke
    3. Jonny Flynn, Syracuse
    4. BJ Raymond, Xavier
    5. Luke Nevill, Utah
    6. Da’Sean Butler, West Virginia
    7. AJ Abrams, Texas
    8. Tasmin Mitchell, LSU
    9. Wayne Chism, Tennessee
    10. Greivis Vazquez, Maryland
    11. Dionte Christmas, Temple
    12. AJ Slaughter, WKU
    13. Jarvis Varnado, Miss. St.
    14. Ben Woodside, North Dakota St.
    15. DJ Rivera, Binghampton
    16. Kevin Tiggs, East Tennessee


    1 Terrence Williams, Louisville
    2 Tyreke Evans, Memphis
    3. Jonny Flynn, Syracuse
    4. Jeff Teague, Wake
    5. Toney Douglas, FSU
    6. James Harden, Ariz. State
    7 Tyrese Rice, BC
    8. Tasmin Mitchell, LSU
    9 Tyler Smith, Tennessee
    10. Greivis Vazquez, Maryland (Hmm, didn’t have a whole lot of choice here)
    11. Dionte Christmas, Temple
    12. AJ Slaughter, WKU
    13. Jarvis Varnado, Miss. St.
    14. Ben Woodside, North Dakota St.
    15. DJ Rivera, Binghampton
    16 Stephen McDowell, Chattanooga


    1) Tyler Hansbrough, UNC
    2) Tyreke Evans, Memphis
    3) Scott Reynolds, Villanova
    4) BJ Raymond, Xavier
    5) Toney Douglas, FSU
    6) James Harden, ASU
    7) AJ Adams, TX
    8) Marcus Thornton, LSU
    9) Tyler Smith, TN
    10) Greivis Vasquez, MD
    11) Eric Maynor, VCU
    12) Orlando Mendez-Valdez, W. Ky.
    13) Jarvis Varnado, MSU
    14) Matt Kingsley, SF Austin
    15) Reggie Holmes, Morgan St. 
    16) Stephen McDowell, Chattanooga


    1    N Carolina     Tyler Hansbrough
    2    Duke         Kyle Singler
    3    Kansas         Sherron Collins
    4    Wake Forest     Jeff Teague
    5    Florida St     Toney Douglas
    6    Arizona St     James Harden
    7    California     Jerome Randle
    8    LSU         Marcus Thornton
    9    Tennessee     Tyler Smith
    10    Michigan     Manny Harris
    11    Temple         Dionte Christmas
    12    W Kentucky     A.J. Slaughter
    13    Cleveland St     J'Nathan Bullock
    14    N Dakota St     Ben Woodside
    15    Morgan St     Reggie Holmes
    16    E Tenn St     Kevin Tiggs

    Because Scott's email did funny things with the names, and because I don't feel like worrying about it, I will not be modifying his list to take out the weird formatting.