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LSU vs. North Carolina: Game Thread

Well, the day is upon us. I am not quite as pessimistic as I was on Thursday, but I still think that in order to win we will have to play the game of our lives. We will have to play better than we've played in any game this season. Simply put, UNC is better than any team we've played this season.

We have dramatic weaknesses with interior defense, and UNC is better than any team we've played so far this year at interior offense. Really, it's hard to imagine a more difficult matchup for LSU than UNC's forwards, except maybe a healthy Blake Griffin from Oklahoma.

Chris Johnson, Quintin Thornton, Tasmin Mitchell, and Storm Warren will have to figure out how to slow Hansbrough and Deon Thompson down. I say, if those two are held to a combined 40 points or less, we have done an outstanding job and we have a chance to win.

But to take advantage of that chance, I think we have to shoot lights-out. We're going to have to play the kind of mistake-free, high octane offense that has eluded us lately, and we'll have to avoid the kinds of long cold stretches that have plagued us all season. The mountain here is high, but it's also a big opportunity for this team to do something special.

Give your game thready comments below.