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ATVS Tourney Game: Round 2

I made a mistake on the first round and thought that FSU and Toney Douglas had advanced.  They had not.

This is a pretty unusual year in that no one has more than 4 players remaining, and many people only have 3.  You would expect an average of 4 players remaining at this point, but that's pretty much it for everyone.  Anyway, here are the standings:


  1. Scott still in first with a total of 467 points.  A weak 2nd round kind of pulled him back to the pack, and he only has 3 players left (Tyler Hansbrough, Kyle Singler, and Sherron Collins).
  2. Janepriceestrada, 436 points.  In good shape with 4 players left (Hansbrough, Gerald Henderson, Jonny Flynn, and BJ Raymond).
  3. Richard (me), 434 points, 3 players remaining, but all three are players no one else has, which means that even though I have fewer players, it could turn out that I have more players left in the next round.  I have Sam Young, Blake Griffin, and Demarre Carroll remaining.
  4. Uberschuck, 409 points, Despite having more players left than anyone else, he wasn't able to make up enough ground, and now he has four players left.  Hansbrough, Tyreke Evans, Scottie Reynolds, and BJ Raymond remain.  
  5. LSU Jonno, 393 points.  Three players remaining: Terrance Williams, Tyreke Evans, and Jonny Flynn.
  6. Poseur, 383 points, 4 players remaining (Terrance Williams, Tyreke Evans, Scottie Reynolds, and Derrick Brown).

Scott still has an advantage, but it's not that big of an advantage, particularly over Janepriceestrada, considering she has more players remaining.  I'm still in it, but I need Pittsburg, Oklahoma, and Mizzou to go far while Scott's and JPE's players get eliminated.  I don't think anyone else is really in it at this point.  Everyone else is too far behind and has too many players in common with other people to get any ground on them.