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Sorry, everyone, Team Poseur has been in the midst of a move and therefore has had little to no internet access.  So this will be sort of scattershot.

LSU took two of three from South Carolina last weekend, and then took two midweek games from Harvard.  On the plus side, Matty Ott has emerged as a stud closer, and Louis Coleman moved seamlessly into the weekend rotation. 

What's wrong with Bertuccini?  He's been lousy this year out of the pen, as has been every reliever not named Ott.    Actually, i think Bradshaw's gotten a bad rap this year, and his move to the pen might help a really struggling unit.  He's already our #2 guy in the pen after Ott.  Mainieiri still keeps giving innings to Cain, Alsup, and Nicholson despite those guys getting lit up like pitchers on the PS3.  Just because they are veterans doesn't eman they are better.  Then again, the freshmen aren't exactly blowing my doors off either. 

Pittman's got it covered.

Wow, has this year's tourney sucked or what?  No upsets to speak of, only one or two really good games (the Ohio St-Siena game is the only thing that approaches memorable), and then we got last night's abomination.  Only one game was even close (Xavier-Pitt), and it was marred by shooting so terrible it boggled the mind.  Don't give me the good defense line either.  It was bad shooting.  Each team missed 10 consecutive shots in the second half.  Xavier went 6:30 without a single point and at the end of the stretch, the game was still close.  It was fitting the game was decided on a turnover.  It made me want to gouge out my own eyes, and this was the BEST game of the night.