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Tourney Game, Round 3: Advantage ME!


This was me at about 11:00pm last night.

Not many players left, and here are the results:

  • Scott: 526 points, Tyler Hansbrough remaining
  • Janepriceestrada: 504 points, Tyler Hansbrough remaining
  • Richard: 500 points, Sam Young, Blake Griffin, Demarre Carroll remaining
  • Uberschuck: 497 points, Tyler Hansbrough and Scottie Reynolds remaining
  • LSU Jonno: 462 points, Terrance Williams remaining
  • Poseur: 460 points, Terrance Williams and Scottie Reynolds remaining

I may be in 3rd place, but I am the only participant with 3 players left.  Everyone else has two left, or even only one.  I had an outstanding 3rd round thanks to Missouri beating Memphis, Oklahoma beating Syracuse, Pittsburgh beating Xavier, Michigan State beating Kansas (to knock out Scott's #3 seed player), and Villanova beating Duke.

Even though Villanova's win meant that Uberschuck and Poseur kept a player, it also meant hat JPE and Scott lost a player.  Plus, it meant that Duke lost, which is always a positive thing.  

This means that I will be playing 3 games in the quarterfinals, while others will be playing fewer.  For the first time since the game started, I appear to have a slight advantage.  I think the contest will go down to the wire, but perhaps the biggest game reamining is the game between Villanova and Pittsburgh at 6:00 tonight.  If Pittsburgh wins that game, Uberschuck will be knocked down to one player remaining.

Janepriceestrada had a nice run, but she is now out of the running.  Scott has more points than she has and they have the same player remaining.  LSUJonno is probably out of it as he is far behind and has only one player left.  Poseur is clinging to life being very far behind, but at least having an extra player.  He needs Villanova and Louisville to advance and for other contestants to lose players.  In particular, he probably needs North Carolina to lose, so Scott and Uberschuck fall off.

I think in reality, it's down to Scott, Uberschuck, and me.  Scott has only one player left, but he has a bit of a cushion with a big lead.  If things go right for him, he can still win.  He has to hope that North Carolina advances far and that I don't keep my advantage into the next round.  Uberschuck needs Villanova to go far.  I need to have a big 4th round and hopefully get two players into the Final Four.  If I get two into the Final Four, I think I'm in great shape.