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Auburn 69 - LSU 53: Fightin' Tigers Limp On

Yesterday was Little Miss ATVS's birthday party.  Lots of family was in town, so I did not get to watch the game live.  Instead, I Tivo'd it and watched it later with my dad.  In the second half, we started watching it on fast-forward because of how ugly and unpleasant it was.

Credit to Auburn, they're a good team, playing great basketball at the right time.  I think they should be a tournament team, especially with how Kentucky and Florida have limped into the post-season.  

We won't belabor the issues of the game itself, except to say that the problems were not one player's or in one area.  The problems with that game were pervasive throughout the team and throughout every phase of the game.  Our offense was lethargic.  Our defense was constantly one step behind and scrambling to catch up.  Because we were scrambling, we couldn't rebound.

This is a team that will have to correct some problems.  Let's face it, though.  This team was never as dominant as its record would indicate.  We have been saying that for weeks.  Great teams blow other teams out.  We have not blown anyone out.  We have shown tremendous heart and determination, winning a lot of close games, but those close games wouldn't have been close had we been, say, Pittsburgh.

If you are of the school of thought that close wins are a near-random event, we've been about  the luckiest team in the country this season, and now the law of averages is coming back to bite us.  I don't think close wins are near-random, and our ability to win those close games speaks well of our leadership and toughness.  We have to get that back.

And Tasmin Mitchell really needs to start scoring points again.

Looking for the silver lining here, I really think our bench players (Delwan Graham, Chris Bass, etc.) played pretty well.  I'm interested to see how this team performs next year.

But for right now, we have a lot of work to do if we're going to make any noise in the post-season.