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2010 Commitment: FB Brandon Worle


After a short break, we continue our series on the five new LSU commitments for the 2010 class .  After neglecting the position for a couple years, Les Miles has decided to prioritize finding fullbacks.  Having a quality fullback on hand will make you neglect recruiting the position.  Having that fullback graduate will make you realize how much you need it.  He started by recruiting Dominique Allen out of Tennessee last year, but he's not stopping there. 

The latest LSU commitment seeking to take over the reins from Quinn Johnson is Lagrange, Georgia fullback Brandon Worle.  This is a big kid, with a 6'1" and 240# frame.  Luckily for you, there is film of him that is freely available.  It is posted below.  I'll wait while you watch it.


What you like about him is his athleticism for his size.  He's not just a big kid bulldozing over everyone (though he does that).  He can also catch the ball out of the backfield and turn upfield with it.  He has good change of direction, decent straight-line speed, and certainly has no fear.

If you look closely, you can also see things he will have to work on before he can contribute at the next level.  He's not going to be able to lower his shoulder and bulldoze over many SEC defenders.  He's going to have to learn to use better technique.  You applaud his willingness to deliver a hit, but now you have to teach him when to deliver it and when to use his strength to just get in a defender's way and how to stay there.

He also looks like he can get bigger.  Amazingly enough, he looks a little slim, which makes you question his listed weight.  If he's really 240# in that video, you imagine he will probably play in college at 260# or more.

The kid is a fullback, and while he looks like he has skill, don't expect anything more than a fullback.  I don't think this guy is the next Charles Scott or Stevan Ridley.  I don't think Worle is going to be getting snaps at tailback.  This is not to say he can't contribute with the ball in his hands.  I think he can do that, but he'll do it like Quinn Johnson did, which is infrequently, but hopefully effectively.

By all accounts, he's a good kid.  I don't think he's going to waver on this commitment and he has a shot to be a very good player for us down the road.  I imagine he'll end up as a 3-star, because fullbacks just don't get 4 stars unless they are more-than-fullbacks.  He's a solid prospect, though.  He's getting interest from around the southeast and figures to be the top pure fullback in the region.