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Woo Hoo!

After a month without internet, I am back online.  I got to snuggle up with the old laptop and listen to LSU win yet another series, two games to one. 

I'm going to be honest, since I've been almost completely without internet, my exposure to LSU baseball has consisted almost entirely of just catching the scores whenver I could.  So I got to have surprises yesterday like "Mahtook is hitting the crap out of the ball" and "wow, Dean is still slumping?" and "what the hell is going on with our bullpen?"

I'm going to settle in and look at the stats to get a better idea of where we are right now, but it is pretty easy to see we have a killer one-two punch of Ranaudo and Coleman.  Then, we pray for some good luck because we never know what kind of outing Ross is gonna have.  And you never ever want to go the pen because there is hardly anyone we trust not named Ott.

So, you'd think we'd been struggling.  LSU isn't.  This team is cruising towards a national seed and still hasn't lost a series since midway through last season.  We always win the series.  Especially since LSU has just plowed through the Murderer's Row of Ole Miss, Georgia, and Bama (two of those on the road).  The schedule actually gets easier from this point on.  But you can rest assured, LSU will continue to only win two games off of each of them.