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Observations From The 3rd And 4th Rounds

As the 4th round is coming to a close, no additional LSU Tigers have been drafted since Tyson Jackson was taken with the #3 overall pick.  Darry Beckwith, Quinn Johnson, Demetrius Byrd, Herman Johnson, and Ricky Jean-Francois probably all at least hoped to be taken by this point.  It has not happened yet.  I'm still hoping Kirston Pittman gets drafted too.

One observation I have made is that Ohio State receivers Brian Hartline and Brian Robiskie have both been drafted.  I'm no expert on Big 10 or Ohio State football, but I seem to recall those two guys playing against us in the BCSNCG in 2007, and my clearest memory is that neither one of them could get open against Chevis Jackson and Jonathan Zenon, each of whom had no trouble keeping up with the Ohio State receivers one-on-one.  Hartline was picked in the 4th round, and Robiskie was picked in the 2nd.  Last year, Chevis was a mid-round pick and Zenon went undrafted.

I don't have an explanation for it, but I doubt the issue is a Big 10 bias.  The NFL is one place where irrational biases do not last long (if one ignores the Al Davis counterexample).

I don't know what to think of LSU's draft difficulties.  Is it possible that we just weren't that talented last year?  At least, not among the seniors?  So far, Connecticut has had a lot more players drafted than we have.  Mizzou has had tons of players drafted.  A cornerback from Furman was just drafted.  Tulane has had as many players drafted as we have.  

I think our players will be drafted soon.  We certainly aren't done here, but it is a little troubling.