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Wednesday Morning Hate

The rains came last night to south Louisiana, meaning we'll have to wait a day to beat the brains in of the hated Greenies of Tulane.  There's a lot of concrete accomplishments Skip Bertman can point to when making his case for greatest college baseball coach ever, but one of my favorites is the way the success of his program caused the rest of the SEC and Louisiana to build successful programs as well just to keep up.

Let's face it, the LSU-Tulane rivalry is a tad one-sided.  There's just no way that a small private school can compete with a large public university in football, especially.  However, they can compete with LSU in baseball due to scholarship restrictions.  It's not a level playing field (LSU still has lots of built in advantages), but at least it's close enough that we can have a real on-field rivalry.

It is only in baseball that beating Tulane means anything.  And there's nothing I enjoy more than making those punk-ass, snooty rich boys cry.  And when we beat them on the diamond, they can't make all sorts of excuses about how we only won because of our large athletic budget.  This is the only sport in which the Tulane-LSU rivalry is actually about winning on the field, and hence, is an actual rivalry. 

I'll be honest.  I root for Tulane to win when we aren't playing them.  I want them to be good.  It makes it all the more satisfying when we beat them.  I don't hate them, but I do hold them in contempt.  I want them to lose.  And when they, I want their fans to suffer.  Then I want their alumni to move back to New Jersey. 

Get your hate on.  Tuck Fulane.