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Tourney Game, Round 5: Uberschuck All But Wraps It Up

Scottie Reynolds scored 17 and Tyler Hansbrough scored 18 last night, with Hansbrough advancing.  Here's how things stand:

  1. Me, 563 points, zero players remaining
  2. Uberschuck, 555 points, Tyler Hansbrough remaining
  3. Scott, 552 points, Tyler Hansbrough remaining
  4. Janepriceestrada, 530 points, Tyler Hansbrough remaining
  5. Poseur, 497 points, zero players remaining
  6. LSUJonno, 467 points, zero players remaining
I'm still holding onto first place by a mere 8 points.  If I want to hold on to it, I need for Hansbrough to score 8 or fewer points tomorrow night.  It ain't gonna happen.  Uberschuck is sitting pretty in second place.  He can catch me even if Hansbrough has a bad game, and no one behind him can catch him.